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CAREY Benefit Associates is an Advising Broker. That means "You Talk, We Listen". After that, we do our homework and match insurance plans and carriers to you and your employees.

Don't you think your benefits life would be better if your Benefits Advisor asked questions before they figured out what was best for you and your employees? You deserve, and your employees need, an unbiased Benefits Advisor.

Sound Advice Backed By EXPERIENCE

Each of our associates brings a background of strong experience to our clients. All maintain professional licenses and are current with the educational requirements, but more importantly, they are engaged in the Benefits Profession. We tirelessly meet with Employers and Individuals, learn about their evolving needs, and do the same with Carriers, so we can best understand how today's benefits can be used to your maximum benefit with minimum cost.

Keeping You Current With The Latest In PLAN DESIGN

Do you know about the new H.S.A.s? Or is your current Broker still telling you they are a bad idea? Do you understand the difference between an HMO, a POS, and a PPO plan? We do--so you don't have to. Would you like to know what else is out there and weather or not it is better for you? Give us a call. We'd be glad to talk with you about your choices.

Better COMMUNICATION For Better Employees

Employees cannot appreciate what they do not understand. Employees cannot get the most out of a benefit they can't figure out. Employees need to understand so they can be smart with your health care premium dollar. But how do you do this with budgets constrained?  How do you educate your employees about the constantly changing world of benefits?You can't do it alone. And you know what?  No one does it alone.You have the Trust--we have the Experience.  We partner with you.We conduct enrollment meetings and craft Benefit Newsletters for you. AFter all, you are an expert at your business. Let us be experts at ours.

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